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Total Myopia Program

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a common refractive error that affects lots of children. Myopia causes distant objects to appear blurry and our team screens for myopia in each child’s eye exam. We work with you and explore myopia control methods that can help your kids enjoy clear, healthy vision.

San Clemente Optometry is also thrilled to announce the “Total Myopia” program!

The Total Myopia medical professionals and their dedicated team employ modern technology to assess, care for, and develop tailored treatment strategies for every patient. These comprehensive strategies include:

  • Customized eye drops, soft multifocal contacts, and overnight lenses
  • A systematic approach with scheduled follow-up appointments to help sustain eye health through consistent medical oversight and management
  • Assessments aligned with the individualized treatment plan for each patient
  • Thorough training on the proper usage, insertion, and removal of contact lenses
  • An ongoing maintenance regimen for effective myopia control, with a focus on achieving lasting results

For myopia control solutions in San Clemente, visit our team of eye doctors today!

Put Life Back in Focus with Myopia Control

The number of Americans with myopia is likely to exceed 40 million by 2050. Myopia can make it hard to focus at a distance and is associated with an increased risk for several serious eye problems.

Most cases of myopia appear between the ages of 6 and 14, then level off when a person’s vision stabilizes in their early 20s. But myopia can also occur in adults, and an eye doctor should always control it to ensure the best possible outcomes. 

San Clemente Optometry has numerous tools for correcting myopia in children, such as eyeglasses and contact lenses. We can also consult with you about potential strategies for correcting myopia in adults.

Myopia Explained: Causes & Common Effects

Myopia usually happens for one of two reasons: either the structure of the eye itself is too long, or the cornea’s curve is too great. In either case, incoming light focuses in front of the retina instead of directly on it, causing vision to blur when looking at distant objects.

Myopia can cause social and academic challenges for children, especially when it’s undiagnosed. 80% of what children learn takes place visually, but myopia can make it hard for them to focus on the board in classrooms or participate in sports and other activities. In some cases, undiagnosed childhood myopia may even be mislabeled as ADHD, creating additional confusion and making it harder to get the help they really need.

We screen for myopia during all of our children’s eye exams. If your child has myopia, we can help you understand the challenges they face and help develop a plan that could help.

Myopia symptoms can include:

  • Difficulty seeing TV and movie screens.
  • Squinting frequently to compensate for blurry distance vision.
  • Headaches due to eye strain.
  • Problems seeing clearly when driving at night (for adults).

Common Ways to Deal with Myopia

San Clemente Optometry works closely with each patient to find the most appropriate method for addressing their needs. Once we take some measurements to find out how severe the problem is, we may recommend one of the following options:

Suitable adults may also be able to correct myopia with laser eye surgeries like LASIK and PRK. However, laser eye surgery is not FDA approved for children since their eyes are still growing.

Make Myopia Manageable

Getting an early diagnosis and making a plan to manage myopia with your eye doctor can help you avoid its severest effects. Contact us today and book an appointment for yourself or your children.

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