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Laser Vision Correction

Laser eye surgery can help many people see clearly without glasses or contact lenses. These procedures offer high rates of long-term success for correcting many vision problems.

Find out if laser eye surgery is right for you by booking a consultation with your eye doctor. At San Clemente Optometry, we’ll assess your candidacy and tell you everything you need to know about the process so you can make an informed choice about correcting your vision.

What to Expect During My Consultation?

The consultation process allows us to find out whether laser eye surgery could be right for you. When you come in to meet with an eye doctor, we’ll collect various types of information, such as:

  • How thick your cornea is.
  • Whether or not your prescription is still in the process of changing.
  • What type of vision correction you need (and how much of it).
  • Whether there are any risks in your medical history or family medical history that could make laser eye surgery inappropriate for your needs.

If laser eye surgery looks like it could be right for you, we’ll talk to you about the possible results you can expect. If you wish to move forward, we’ll refer you to a trusted ophthalmologist who can perform your procedure. After the surgery, we’ll schedule you for follow-up visits to monitor your recovery and reduce the risk of complications.

Different Approaches to Laser Eye Surgery


Most people who get laser eye surgery get LASIK, which is popular because it offers relatively fast recovery times. You can usually expect clear vision within 24 hours after having LASIK, although full recovery generally takes several weeks.

LASIK works by using a laser to make a small flap on your eye’s surface, then reshaping the corneal tissue underneath it. Over 98.5% of patients who get LASIK to correct myopia and myopic astigmatism report satisfaction with their results.

If the surface of your eye might be too thin to make a flap safely, PRK might be a better option. PRK has high satisfaction rates but takes longer to recover from, usually requiring 1 to 3 weeks before you can resume regular activities.

PRK works by using a laser to remove the whole surface of the eye before reshaping the collagen layers underneath. The eye’s surface has to grow back after the procedure, which is why recovery from PRK may take longer.

Let There Be Light

With laser eye surgery, using corrective lenses to see clearly could become a thing of the past. Contact us today and book your consultation so we can find out how these procedures could change your life.

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