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Don’t Let Dry Eyes Hold You Back

Dry eyes can irritate and distract you daily. More than 4.88 million people across the U.S. experience symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

Why let dry eyes spoil life’s most beautiful moments? Instead, let San Clemente Optometry diagnose the issue and provide you with options for meaningful relief.

Visit us for dry eye treatment in San Clemente.

What Makes My Eyes Dry?

Everyone’s eyes can feel dry sometimes. But when your tears can’t properly moisten your eyes, you can end up with chronic dry eye syndrome. In most cases, your eyes either can’t produce enough tears to lubricate your eyes, or they make inadequate quality tears that don’t do a good job.

Dry Eye Risk Factors

Your risk for developing dry eyes goes up if you:

With dry eye, you may experience:

  • Burning eyes.
  • A feeling like objects are stuck in your eyes (foreign body sensation).
  • Watery eyes.
  • Redness in the eye area.
  • Eyes that feel tired all the time (even after you rest).
  • Severe itching in the eye area.

What Can You Do About Dry Eyes?

San Clemente Optometry has many ways to help you get relief for dry eyes. We might recommend:

  • Artificial Tears: Lubricating eye drops that help moisturize the surface of your eyes and can reduce many dry eye symptoms.
  • Cequa RX Drops: Cequa, or cyclosporine, is a prescription eyedrop used to increase tear production and relieve symptoms of dry eyes.
  • Oasis Tears Plus Lubricating Drops: Oasis Tears Plus Lubricating Drops help lubricate your eyes to help lessen the associated discomfort of dry eye disease.
  • BlephEx: BlephEx is an eyelid cleaning procedure we can perform in-office to help you maintain clean and healthy lids.
  • iLUX: iLux is an in-office treament for dry, gritty eyes that uses an LED-based heat source to help melt and drain hardened meibum trapped inside the maibomian glands.
  • Punctal Plugs: Small plugs inserted into your tear ducts can help prevent your tears from draining too quickly. Punctal plugs may improve the effectiveness of topical dry eye treatments when used together.
  • Heat Masks: Wearable devices that reduce inflammation from dry eyes using compression and gentle heat.
  • Scleral Lenses: Specially-designed lenses that leave space above the cornea for hydrating fluid to fill. Scleral lenses are often helpful for people whose dry eyes prevent them from wearing certain types of contacts.
  • HydroEye Softgels: HydroEye softgels are a vitamin you can take to help support healthy tear production. They contain antioxidants and nutrients to help relieve symptoms of dry eyes.
  • Eyelid-Cleansing Wipes: Disposable cloth wipes that support the use of other dry eye therapies.

Don’t Give In to Dry Eyes

Dry eyes don’t have to distract you every day. Contact us now to make an appointment with an eye doctor who can help you find relief.

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