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Rejuvenate Your Tired Eyes

Most of us use devices with screens at work or in our spare time. But too much screen time can make your eyes feel exhausted and sore. These symptoms are associated with digital eye strain (also called DES or computer vision syndrome).

Anyone can struggle with DES, but it can be more uncomfortable for people with existing vision problems. San Clemente Optometry is ready to show you how to prevent DES and reduce the symptoms it causes.

What Symptoms Come with Digital Eye Strain?

The following symptoms may indicate DES if you experience them during or after screen use:

  • Headaches
  • Blurry vision
  • Pain in your shoulders and neck
  • Dry eyes

How Does Digital Eye Strain Happen?

Blink For Help

We might not blink as much when focusing, which puts more demand on the muscles that help our eyes focus. Since any muscle can get tired and stiff when you overuse it, long periods of screen use can create muscle tension and fatigue in and around your eye area.

Almost every digital display produces a type of high-energy visible light called blue light, which also exists naturally in sunlight. There’s no direct link between blue light and eye disease, but it can impact your circadian rhythms and make restful sleep more difficult, causing feelings of eye fatigue more likely the next day.

What Can I Do About Digital Eye Strain?

Worried you might have DES? You might want to try: 

  • The 20-20-20 rule, which gives your eyes regular intervals to rest and recover during screen use. Just pause what you’re doing once every 20 minutes to focus on an object about 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
  • Using specialty eyewear designed to filter out blue light from digital devices. Some research supports these products improving sleep in people who often use screens before bed.

You can keep using screens without sacrificing your comfort. Avoid DES and manage its symptoms by contacting us for help.

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